HOUDINI Pulp Pack Sticker Sheet

$7.00 USD
  • HOUDINI Pulp Pack Sticker Sheet

Introducing the "HOUDINI Pulp Pack Sticker Sheet" – a captivating collection of four high-quality stickers that bring the nostalgic allure of old pulp magazines right into your hands! Each sticker in this pack has been meticulously selected from deep within the crates, offering a unique window into a bygone era of storytelling and art.

Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, these stickers showcase vibrant, eye-catching designs inspired by the classic covers and illustrations of pulp magazines. From daring adventures to mysterious tales, each sticker embodies the spirit of these timeless publications.

Key Features:

Vintage Charm: Immerse yourself in the retro aesthetic of pulp fiction, with designs that capture the essence of early 20th-century magazine art.
High-Quality Materials: Printed on durable, high-grade material, these stickers are designed to last, preserving their vivid colors and intricate details.
Versatile Use: Perfect for customizing laptops, notebooks, phone cases, and more, these stickers add a touch of vintage flair to any item.
Unique Collectibles: Ideal for collectors and enthusiasts of pulp fiction, these stickers are a unique addition to any collection, celebrating the rich history of pulp magazine art.
Whether you're a fan of vintage art, a collector of unique stickers, or simply love the charm of old-school storytelling, the HOUDINI Pulp Pack Sticker Sheet is an irresistible choice. Add a dash of adventure and mystery to your everyday items with these beautifully designed stickers!

• Film type: MPI 3000 Gloss HOP (EU), Promotional Monomeric PVC (US)
• 0.12″ (0.3 cm) white sticker border
• Glossy finish
• Fast and easy application
• 2–3 year durability
• Indoor use
• Blank product sourced from Japan

Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the stickers.