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Use code "SKEL" for free shipping on orders over $120

About Us

About HOUDINI: Our Ethos and Pledge for Traceability in Fashion

HOUDINI was conceived in 2021 by artist Erik Houdini as a rebellion—a brand that embodies the audacious spirit of the legendary escape artist Harry Houdini. "No prison can hold me; no hand or leg irons or steel locks can shackle me. No ropes or chains can keep me from my freedom," he declared. This defiance against the shackles of capitalism, societal injustice, and environmental degradation is the heartbeat of HOUDINI.

In the realms of underground fashion, from crust punk DIY to the grave elegance of traditional gothic stylings, lies a history of revolution and the desire for a better world. HOUDINI amplifies this essence, molding it for today's existential rebellion where fashion intertwines with ideology, activism, and an unwavering commitment to cause.

As a small boutique brand, artist-driven and community-focused, we pledge to provide absolute traceability and honesty. Our garments are crafted in the same factories used by the industry at large—in places like Bangladesh, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Haiti. We do not disguise this fact; instead, we openly share the origins of our products. Because whether you're buying a luxury brand or a supermarket tee, they often share the same roots.

We steer clear of staged factory tours and smooth narratives about empowering the global south—common tactics that serve to hide the harsh realities of fashion production. We refuse to smooth-talk our way into your wardrobe.

Our commitment is to make each piece of clothing to order, which means less overproduction, less waste, and less labor exploitation. While other brands may obscure these facts, we confront them head-on, challenging the industry to practice harm reduction and to call for systemic change.

We use recycled materials whenever possible, and we are transparent about the environmental impact of our products. If a garment produces microplastics in the wash, we will tell you. We advocate for the use of washer filters and stress the importance of honesty about how our products are produced, whether they are new or vintage.

HOUDINI is a call to action—a challenge to the industry and our customers to join us in a commitment to environmental responsibility and ethical production. It's time for all of us to demand better, to make informed decisions that reflect our values.

In the fabric of every garment that bears our name, you'll find the essence of rebellion, the promise of transparency, and the pursuit of a world where fashion and ethics are no longer at odds. Walk with us on this journey, and let's redefine what it means to be fashionable in today's world.

At HOUDINI, we don’t just sell clothes; we sell our values. We believe in the power of truth, the necessity of ethical practices, and the importance of environmental stewardship. Shop with us, and take a stand for a fashion industry that dares to be honest, that respects your freedom to choose, and that holds itself accountable for the impact it has on the world.

Join us, and wear your convictions with pride. We are HOUDINI, and we are the change we've been waiting to wear.