HOUDINI 5 Button Set Wave I

$13.49 USD
  • HOUDINI 5 Button Set Wave I
  • HOUDINI 5 Button Set Wave I

Embrace your unique style with the HOUDINI 5 Button Set by Erik Houdini. Each button in this distinctive set showcases a different piece of captivating art, allowing you to express your individuality and love for aesthetic versatility. These buttons serve as wearable art, adding a pop of creativity to any ensemble. Whether pinned to your jacket, bag, or hat, they enhance your style statement, embodying the eclectic spirit of the HOUDINI brand. This set isn't just a collection of buttons; it's a testament to artistic expression and personal flair. Curate your style narrative with this remarkable button set.

• They come in a set of 5
• Made of tinplate
• Scratch and UV-resistant mylar coating
• Glossy finish
• Easy to put on